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  • Video Games In Your Community: Spotlight on Hawaii

    Perspectives /

    Maya Rogers is in charge of the family legacy. As CEO and president of Blue Planet Software, she heads the company that's responsible for safeguarding and managing all aspects of the classic game Tetris. From her office in Oahu, Hawaii, Rogers oversees everything from merchandising to promotional opportunities to…

  • Q&A with ESRB President Patricia Vance

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    Q1. For the uninitiated, could you start by telling us about the Entertainment Software Rating Board and its role in the video game industry?Sure. ESRB is the non-profit, self-regulatory body for the video game industry that empowers consumers, especially parents, with guidance that allows them to make informed decisions…

  • Video Games In Your Community: Spotlight on California

    Perspectives /

    There aren't many game makers with a track record as impressive as Ted Price. For 25 years, Insomniac Games, the company he founded and where he still serves as CEO and president, has consistently been creating hit titles that have burrowed into the hearts and minds of players. Together,…

  • U.S. Video Game Sales Reach Record-Breaking $43.4 Billion in 2018

    Press Releases /

    “The impressive economic growth of the industry announced today parallels the growth of the industry in mainstream American culture,” said acting ESA President and CEO Stanley Pierre-Louis. “Across the nation, we count people of all backgrounds and stages of life among our most passionate video game players and fans.…

  • 2018 Essential Facts About the Computer and Video Game Industry

    ESA Research /

    ESA surveys more than 4,000 American households (including the heads of and most frequent gamers within each household) about their video game playing habits and attitudes, resulting in these survey results for 2018.

  • G4C 2018: Pop Culture, Positive Change — Opportunities for Social Good Through Cultural Relevance

    Speeches & Testimony /

    On March 20, 2018, ESA President and CEO Michael D. Gallagher and the ESA Foundation's Anastasia Staten spoke at Games For Change about on Extra Life, Bootstrap and what you can do beyond entertainment with video games.

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