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From industry leaders to behind-the-scenes players, ESA provides essential thought leadership and perspectives on the issues most important to players, parents, and policymakers.

Video games are a dynamic art form at the cutting edge of technology and entertainment. Our industry moves fast, and it can be difficult for those not in the loop to keep up. That’s part of why video games (and the people who play them) are so frequently misunderstood.

Our role is to bridge the gap between the video game industry and the public. We strive to be a trusted voice on every issue, especially when questions are raised on important issues like health and screen time. We’re here to provide clarity through research and thought leadership so that players, parents, and policymakers can find the answers they’re looking for.

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Parental Controls
ESRB President Pat Vance discusses the ESRB ratings system and how families can ensure healthy game play.
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The More You Know
There's often a lesson hidden amidst the fun of video games, and sometimes it’s the best way to learn.
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Video Games Don’t Cause Real-World Violence
Blaming the media – and video games in particular – for real-world violence distracts from the underlying issues at play.
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