How the Video Game Industry Achieves Trust and Safety

More than 25 years of putting players first.

Trust and Safety Solutions

The Industry’s Commitment to Players

Promoting trust and safety is about creating a more positive, safe and inclusive online experience for all players. This is a shared priority that calls for collective action.

The industry’s multidisciplinary approach to fostering a safer online environment includes using cutting-edge technologies that prevent harm before it happens, parental and player controls to empower users, skilled human oversight to moderate communities, codes of conduct to set player expectations and, above all, a commitment to working together.

An Ongoing Commitment

For decades, the industry has been a leader in player safety. The video game industry remains committed to collaborating and to seeking new and improved methods to protect players online. This way, all players can continue enjoying the fun and safe online environments they deserve.

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Explore the industry's trust and safety solutions:

Many factors go into a company’s decision about how to achieve trust and safety. There is no “one size fits all” approach. Examples below represent a sampling of the work being done by the ESA’s members.

Tools for Parents

Empowering parents and caregivers with information and tools to help them manage gameplay.

Tools for Players

Empowering players to take control of their gameplay experience.

Leading Technologies

Using innovative technologies to foster safe gaming experiences for players.

Skilled Human Oversight

Investing in safety with trained moderators.

Clear Codes of Conduct

Setting guidelines for acceptable behavior through codes of conduct.

Promoting Positive Play

Using innovative systems and tools to promote positive play in communities.

Partnerships and Collaboration

Protecting players by working together.