For 30 years, the video game industry has been a leader in player safety. 

That leadership stems from continually improving our policies and services in support of creating spaces that are positive and welcoming for everyone. The video game industry is committed to a multidisciplinary approach to help protect players online.

Codes of Conduct

Guidelines and community standards establish acceptable behaviors.

Human Oversight

Trained individuals help moderate conduct and content in gaming environments.

Parental Controls

We provide parents and caregivers with comprehensive information and tools they need to decide which gameplay experiences are appropriate for their children.


Video game developers, publishers and platforms collaborate to promote trust and safety in the player experience.

Player Controls

The video game industry empowers players with the tools and information necessary to manage their gameplay experience on screen.

Promoting Positive Play

Video game communities benefit from environments that encourage sportsmanship, camaraderie and mutual respect.


Advanced technologies help prevent harm before it happens.

Our member companies are constantly evolving and improving their efforts to help keep players safe.

Many factors go into a company’s decision about how to achieve trust and safety. There is no “one size fits all” approach. These case study’s represent a sampling of the work being done by the ESA’s members.

  • Technology

Activision Blizzard

A multi-faceted approach to combat cheating, featuring server-side tools that monitor analytics to identify cheating.

  • Players


Good Game Playbook encourages positive online interactions and helps players when they encounter toxic or inappropriate behaviors in game play.

  • Technology

Electronic Arts

The Ping System enables players within the same team to communicate with one another without having to use voice chat.

  • Oversight

Sony Interactive Entertainment

SIE’s automated solutions are supplemented by its trained global moderation teams, which support players in all languages 24/7/365.