Technologies that help address, detect and report inappropriate behavior.

  • Communication-Filtering Technology
    The common purpose of this technology is to prevent harm before it happens by detecting inappropriate content and preventing other players from seeing it. All three console makers implement filters across game, social and/or account set-up experiences.
  • Image-Hashing Technology
    This technology helps combat child exploitation by creating digital signatures of known images of child exploitation, which are then used with filtering or matching tools to identify and detect such images on online platforms. The video game industry works with the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC) and law enforcement to ensure these images are properly investigated.
  • Anti-Grooming Technology
    This machine-learning technology is used to detect, address and report online predators who attempt to lure other players

Our members use technology to keep players safe.

Explore examples from some of our members.

  • Technology

Activision Blizzard

A multi-faceted approach to combat cheating, featuring server-side tools that monitor analytics to identify cheating.

  • Technology

Electronic Arts

The Ping System enables players within the same team to communicate with one another without having to use voice chat.

  • Technology


PhotoDNA detects, addresses and reports online predators who attempt to lure other players.

  • Technology

Sony Interactive Entertainment

SIE implements global profanity and hate-speech filters in multiple languages across social and account experiences on the PlayStation Network.