Virtually all video games and devices include the following settings:

  1. Control what personal information other players can see.
  2. Set restrictions on which players can send them communications.
  3. Customize the types of communications and content received from other players.
  4. Mute or block specific players.
  5. Easily report inappropriate behavior.

Our members offer gameplay tools for players.

Explore examples from some of our members.

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Activision Blizzard

A multitude of options to personalize the player experience and ways to communicate, compete and collaborate. 

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The new voice reporting feature gives players the ability to capture and report inappropriate in-game voice chats.

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Riot Games

A “Muted Word List” that allows players to manually filter out words and phrases they do not want to hear.

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Sony Interactive Entertainment

An innovative technology that empowers players to report unwanted interactions through a new Voice Chat function.

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Good Game Playbook encourages positive online interactions and helps players when they encounter toxic or inappropriate behaviors in game play.