3D Artist

3D modeling artists create the models for all 3D art assets within the game – characters, weapons, vehicles, furniture, trees, rocks and so on.

Animation Director

An animation director oversees animation and provides time and manpower estimates for project planning while working closely with producers, designers, engineers, and artists to execute on the game vision.

Art Director

The art director is focused on maintaining the overall style and aesthetics of the game, seeking to create high quality art within time and budget requirements.

Audio Programmer

The audio programmer makes sure that a game’s audio assets (e.g., music, ambience, dialogue and sound effects) load smoothly, trigger correctly and play back in high quality while using minimal processing power.

Bilingual Communications Specialist

This position is usually called a “localization specialist”. The localization specialist translates, tests, and adapts games to make sure the game resonates with players from diverse backgrounds.

Character Artist

A character artist creates and draws the visual elements of a video game, such as characters, environment, weapons and other props.

Community Manager

A community manager is responsible for the community that grows up around the game. They attend events, write newsletters, organize social media, set up livestreams and respond to feedback from the player community.

Content Moderator

The content moderator is responsible for reviewing and approving or rejecting user generated content, such as comments and posts on media platforms.

Dialogue Designer

Video game characters are key to the narrative experiences in games, and dialogue is one of the main ways to bring those characters to life. Dialogue designers are often tasked with maintaining quality and consistency across dialogue assets and supporting game designers in creating a cinematic narrative experience for players.

Lead Writer

The lead writer composes storylines for video games, as well as develops the stories’ characters, dialogue, and backstory details. They collaborate with the game’s mission designers, level designers, artists, and voice actors to ensure that the story aligns with the game’s other elements.

Lighting Artist

Lighting artists light images in such a way that they are easy for the computers to render and to create optical effects such as reflections and the appearance of wet surfaces.

Narrative Director

Telling stories that engage and immerse the player is the key to success for any video game. It is the Narrative Director’s job to drive the development of the overall story, characters and universe in collaboration with other creative leads.

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Player & Product Experience Specialist

This specialist supports planning and execution of ongoing services for pre- and post-launch, digital content, online account promotions, in-game events, competition events and marketing campaigns.

Security Engineer

Video game security engineers safeguard digital assets and player data. They ensure the integrity and safety of gaming platforms by designing and implementing robust security protocols to protect against cyber threats and maintain player trust.