Fostering good player-to-player experiences.

ESA member companies seek to identify the types of player behaviors that create a thriving gaming community and to find ways to encourage those behaviors among players. The companies work to integrate these learnings from the earliest stages of game development with a goal of fostering good player-to-player experiences.

Some examples have included incentive systems that reward players for positive behavior—like helping each other—and that encourage players to promote others’ good behavior—like sportsmanship. 
The video game industry also works collaboratively to empower game companies with the knowledge and tools to foster supportive communities.

Our members work to promote positive play.

Explore these examples from some of our members.

  • Positive Play

Activision Blizzard

Activision Blizzard uses a number of mechanisms to promote positive play across its franchises.

  • Positive Play

Electronic Arts

The guidelines in Positive Play Charter are key to making sure players can trust that its games and services are enjoyable for anyone.

  • Positive Play


Xbox and< em>Minecraft are committed to helping young people obtain the online privacy skills they need to keep their data safe as they navigate the internet.

  • Positive Play

Riot Games

Riot has invested significantly in promoting positive player experiences.

  • Positive Play


The Fair Play Program raises awareness on disruptive behaviors in the gaming community and helps players recognize their own triggers.