With the free Xbox Family Settings app on Android and Apple, parents can easily manage gameplay in a way that is right for their family. The app provides parents with a range of controls, including:

  • Screen Time Limits – Parents can create screen time schedules for each child, customizing each day of the week with different time ranges to accommodate their family’s schedule and gaming.
  • Age/Content Filters – Parents can get more peace of mind by setting an age level based on ESRB ratings for games, apps and other content on Xbox consoles and Windows PCs for each child. 
  • Spending Limits – Parents can manage their children’s spending by adding funds directly from the Xbox Family Settings app to their account for purchases, including games, in-game purchases and apps. If a parent does not take action, spending limits are set to zero by default for children.
  • Friends and Online Interaction Controls – Parents can easily manage their children’s interactions by:
    • Managing Friends – Parents can require parental approval to add a friend, see all friends their children are following and remove friends.
    • Voice and Text Chat – Parents can choose whether to allow their children to communicate by voice or text chat.
    • Multiplayer – Parents can decide whether to allow online multiplayer gaming with other players.

Learn more about how to use the Xbox Family Settings app below and how to play responsibly on Xbox here.

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