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  • Lohan and Gravano – ESA Motion for Leave and Amicus Brief

    Policy Filings /

    Specifically, ESA seeks to provide information to the Court regarding the expressive nature of video games and to explain to the Court that it should interpret “advertising” and “trade” under Section 51 so as not to cover video games and other expressive works.

  • So scary, yet so fun: The role of self-efficacy in enjoyment of a virtual reality horror game

    Academic Research /

    This study uses a VR horror game to explore the relationship between horror self-efficacy, physiological arousal, and fear on enjoyment and future intention to play similar games. The results help shed light on why some individuals enjoy frightening content.

  • Ludoliteracy: The Unfinished Business of Media Literacy

    Academic Research /

    This article advocates for the incorporation of digital games and digital gaming into media literacy. An understanding of the place of digital games in society--ludoliteracy--must be taught if we want citizens to have the necessary skill sets to understand, create, analyze and enjoy playful media--a language and experience that…

  • Prescribing PlayStation: When Video Games Are Good for Kids

    Academic Research /

    Research demonstrates that video games can have a positive impact on physical and mental health. Playing popular video games improves visual attention, contrast sensitivity, spatial navigation, strategic planning, and fine motor skills in the hands.

  • FCC Broadband Definition: ESA Reply Comments

    Policy Filings /

    The ESA offers its comments and perspectives on the performance consumers need to access advanced telecommunications capability.

  • Pokémon Go: A game changer for the physical inactivity crisis?

    Academic Research /

    Pokémon Go blends a fun smartphone game with real-life, outdoor physical activity. Initial reports suggest it is a successful population level strategy to increase physical activity levels.

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