Policy Positions

Trust and Safety

Safety is not a competitive issue for the video game industry—it is a shared priority that requires our collective action. The video game industry employs a range of tools and information to help parents decide what gameplay experiences are appropriate for their children and to empower parents and players to keep their environments as safe as possible. The industry also works to develop new and more sophisticated safeguards to prevent disruptive behavior before it happens and to incentivize positive behavior, such as proactive and reactive technologies, human moderation and community standards.

Creating a safe, positive and inclusive online experience for all players is of the utmost importance to the video game industry. Video game publishers and console makers work collaboratively to promote civility, build community and incentivize positive behavior. The industry also works to develop and implement cutting-edge technologies, detection methods and practices to prevent toxic and predatory behavior, while arming players with information and tools to keep their environments as safe and positive as possible.

The video game industry also partners with trusted third parties like the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC) to increase our understanding of and engagement on online safety in order to make the internet safer for our community. The industry remains committed to vigilantly seeking and implementing new and improved methods to prevent disruptive behavior. This way, all players can continue enjoying the vibrant, fun and safe online environments they deserve.

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