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  • 2021 Essential Facts About the Video Game Industry

    ESA Research / Fact Sheets /

    This year's 2021 Essential Facts About the Video Game Industry confirms that, in the last year during the global pandemic, people from all walks of life reached for video games to find joy, connection and a sense of belonging.

  • 2020 Essential Facts About the Video Game Industry

    ESA Research / Fact Sheets /

    ESA's 2020 Essential Facts About the Video Game Industry answers frequently asked questions like who plays video games, why do people play video games and how and when do people play?

  • Essential Facts About Video Games and Violence

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    Blaming video games for violence in the real world is no more productive than blaming the news media for bringing violent crime into our homes night after night. Numerous authorities have examined the scientific record and found that it does not establish any causal link between media content and…

  • Essential Facts About Diversity In the Video Game Industry

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    As one of the most dynamic sectors of the tech industry, video game companies prioritize fostering greater workforce diversity. ESA members are leaders in adopting and enforcing anti-discrimination and harassment policies in the workplace. In addition, the ESA Foundation, our industry's philanthropic arm, has awarded more than $700,000 in…

  • Essential Facts About Video Games and Court Rulings

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    Courts, including the US Supreme Court, have ruled 13 times that computer and video games are protected speech. Efforts by these legislative bodies to ban or limit access to or the sale of games they find objectionable will inevitably run afoul of the First Amendment of the US Constitution.

  • Video Games: Attitudes and Habits of Adults Age 50-Plus

    ESA Research / Fact Sheets /

    Americans over 50 express their views around where they play video games, the types of games they play, their reasons for playing and with whom.

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