Promoting Positive Play

Using innovative systems and tools to promote positive play in communities.

Trust and Safety Solutions

Video game communities benefit from environments that encourage sportsmanship, camaraderie and mutual respect. In addition to setting expectations through codes of conduct, the video game industry is increasingly using its technological and creative expertise to develop innovative systems and tools to identify and promote positive gaming behaviors. This work includes integrating research and new design approaches, as well as insights from engaging with players.

These efforts seek to identify the types of player behaviors that create a thriving gaming community and to find ways to encourage those behaviors among players. Video game companies work to integrate these learnings from the earliest stages of game development with a goal of fostering good player-to-player experiences.

Examples include incentive systems that reward players for positive behavior—like helping each other—and that encourage players to promote others’ good behavior—like sportsmanship. The video game industry also works collaboratively to empower game companies with the knowledge and tools to foster supportive communities.

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