Video Games In Your Community: Spotlight on Washington

Bonnie Ross didn’t grow up playing Atari or Nintendo or Sega or PlayStation. A Mattel handheld game of football was about as immersed as she got. Today, though, she’s in charge of one of the video game industry’s biggest franchises.

Video Games In Your Community: Spotlight on Hawaii

Maya Rogers is in charge of the family legacy. As CEO and president of Blue Planet Software, she heads the company that’s responsible for safeguarding and managing all aspects of the classic game Tetris. From her office in Oahu, Hawaii, Rogers oversees everything from merchandising to promotional opportunities to new games building on the arcade title that debuted in 1984 and remains as popular as ever with players.

Q&A with ESRB President Patricia Vance

ESRB President Patricia Vance answers questions about the Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB) and the International Age Rating Coalition (IARC).

Video Games In Your Community: Spotlight on California

There aren’t many game makers with a track record as impressive as Ted Price. For 25 years, Insomniac Games, the company he founded and where he still serves as CEO and president, has consistently been creating hit titles that have burrowed into the hearts and minds of players. Together, he and his team are responsible for mega-franchises including Spyro the Dragon, Ratchet & Clank. Resistance: Fall of Man, Sunset Overdrive, and Marvel’s Spider-Man.

U.S. Video Game Sales Reach Record-Breaking $43.4 Billion in 2018

“The impressive economic growth of the industry announced today parallels the growth of the industry in mainstream American culture,” said acting ESA President and CEO Stanley Pierre-Louis. “Across the nation, we count people of all backgrounds and stages of life among our most passionate video game players and fans. Interactive entertainment stands today as the most influential form of entertainment in America.”

Essential Facts About Diversity In the Video Game Industry

As one of the most dynamic sectors of the tech industry, video game companies prioritize fostering greater workforce diversity. ESA members are leaders in adopting and enforcing anti-discrimination and harassment policies in the workplace. In addition, the ESA Foundation, our industry’s philanthropic arm, has awarded more than $700,000 in scholarships to women and minorities since 2007.

2018 Essential Facts About the Computer and Video Game Industry

ESA surveys more than 4,000 American households (including the heads of and most frequent gamers within each household) about their video game playing habits and attitudes, resulting in these survey results for 2018.

Two-Thirds of Parents Embrace Video Games as a Family Pastime

More than two-thirds of American parents play video games with their children at least once a week, according to a new study released today by the Entertainment Software Association (ESA). The report, 2018 Essential Facts About the Computer and Video Game Industry, reveals the number one reason parents play video games with their children is because it is fun for everyone. More than half of American parents say they enjoy playing video games as much as their children.


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