The Entertainment Software Association Statement of Support for the Appointment of Sharon Israel

  • 01.05.2024
  • Statements and Filings

WASHINGTON – The Entertainment Software Association (ESA) today issued the following statement on the appointment of Sharon Israel as the Chief Policy Officer and Director for International Affairs at the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO):

“The ESA congratulates Sharon Israel on her recent appointment to the USPTO as the Chief Policy Officer and Director for International Affairs, overseeing the agency’s Office of Policy and International Affairs (OPIA),” said Stanley Pierre-Louis, ESA President and CEO. “Ms. Israel’s leadership experience, both as a practitioner and in advancing policies that support industries reliant on intellectual property (IP), will greatly benefit USPTO in its mission to advance IP enforcement and protection efforts domestically and worldwide. We welcome Ms. Israel’s appointment in this key role to support existing protections in the United States, and similar protections overseas, so that creative and innovative video games continue to be incentivized and delivered to players around the world.”

For the U.S. video game industry, strong IP laws incentivize the development of state-of-the-art devices and platforms and the creation of sophisticated and stunning video games for the enjoyment of consumers. The ESA reported in 2023 that 212.6 million Americans play video games on a weekly basis. Innovators and creators in the video game sector rely on effective IP protection and enforcement to ensure that players worldwide can safely and seamlessly play the video games they love.

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