The Video Game Industry


E3 is the world’s premier event for computer and video games and related products.

E3 provides an opportunity for video game companies—from the largest publishers to the smallest indie developers—to showcase their products before a worldwide audience. E3 is the leading video game event that connects innovative hardware and software with fans and brings new players into the video game ecosystem. While the event occurs during just one week, its impact extends to the entire year and the worldwide industry revolves around its timing. Due to its popularity, E3 attracts numerous new exhibitors every year from the video game industry and industries that want to break into the video game space. Ultimately, E3 connects video game leaders with fans, journalists, investor analysts, and the public.

Totaling more than 300 billion media impressions, E3 generates worldwide mainstream coverage of the video game industry. Journalists from more than 40 countries attended the last event, covering the show in more than 20 languages. The ESA provides a platform for a unified industry voice that enables the industry to showcase its innovation and impact. With more than 17.7 million unique online conversations in 2018, E3 drives online conversations more than any other event. E3 2018 generated more than 3 million posts on Twitter alone. In short, E3 is the single most important video game event. No other show attracts as many industry decision-makers from around the world.

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