Video Games Inspire Connection, Community and the Player in Us All – Essential Facts 2023 Key Findings

  • 08.23.2023
  • Data & Insights

Last month, the Entertainment Software Association (ESA) launched the 2023 Essential Facts About the U.S. Video Game Industry report, which details America’s relationship with video games and illustrates the positive impact of play. The report’s findings are a testament to video games’ ability to transcend age, gender and more.

Some key highlights from the report include:

  • Video games are played by about as many people over 45 as by kids under 18. Overall, 62% of adults over 18 play video games, challenging stereotypes about age and player demographics. As stated by President & CEO, Stanley Pierre-Louis, “Playing video games has become the norm, as those who first learned to play on early consoles now share their joy of play with their own children and grandchildren.”
  • Video games don’t simply entertain, they create opportunities to sharpen inter- and intra-personal skills and stimulate our minds. Nearly all Americans (96%) view games as beneficial. From problem-solving to conflict resolution, video games offer players of all backgrounds the opportunity to develop meaningful skills that transfer to real-life scenarios. It’s for this reason that a wide variety of disciplines and industries – including education and healthcare – embrace the power of video games. Notably, 70% of players agree that video games could be used for medical treatment, especially for those struggling with isolation and certain mental health conditions.
  • Games serve as a go-to activity for more and more American families. Video games not only provide fun and entertainment for families but are also an opportunity for families across generations to bond over a common activity. Approximately three-in-four U.S. parents (76%) play video games with their kids to have fun and connect as a family.

Shortly after the report was released, ESA President & CEO Stanley Pierre-Louis delivered an address on the state of the U.S. video game industry at the inaugural G4C Games and Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) Summit at the United Nations, citing data from the newly released report during his remarks. Pierre-Louis noted, “82% [of players] say video games can introduce people to new friends and new relationships. One of the great things about games is the reach that [they have] to every population around the world.” The United Nations event marked an important milestone in the video game industry and beyond by recognizing the power of the video game community to empower people to create positive social change and assist underrepresented groups affected by social inequities.

Video games’ ability to bring people, communities and industries together to achieve shared goals has boundless potential. 212.6 million people (65% of all Americans) experience the benefits of video games by playing every week. The ESA and its members are continuously working to innovate and expand the frontiers of our industry to inspire the players in us all.

To access the full report, click HERE.

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