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Membership Benefits

ESA is a trade association that offers a wide range of services to interactive entertainment software publisher and developer companies. As a member-driven organization, ESA’s members help to set the association’s priorities on legislative and government policy issues. ESA’s knowledge and expertise covers the myriad issues faced by entertainment software publishers in today’s complex business and policy environment. As a member of the ESA, you receive:

E3 Expo Access
Premier access and discounts to the world-famous E3 Expo, the showcase for the video game industry. Members get access to booth/meeting space at a heavily discounted rate, as well as access to press lists and hotel blocks before non-members. Members help shape the E3 experience through participation in the trade show committee.

Research and Market Data
Members gain immediate access to a growing body of market data and research that examines a variety of issues, including overall consumer engagement with video games, mobile gaming, eSports, gamer political engagement, enhanced reality, video games and senior citizens, Twitch Streaming and internet video engagement, community management, purchasing behavior research, and economic impact reports.

Robust Content Protection Services
ESA will track individual titles, as well as brands, to ensure members’ products and IPs are not being illegally downloaded or distributed. Enforcement includes take down notices, search engine removal, marketplace monitoring, and many other strategies. ESA also conducts outreach, education, and training on content protection and IP.

Working Groups
ESA members have access to over a dozen working groups, including the public relations working group, the legal working group, the public policy committee and many more.

Government Relations
ESA has a significant presence on Capitol Hill, and ESA’s government relations work covers a variety of concerns and  interests for the video game industry, including privacy, cybersecurity, tax, e-commerce, First Amendment issues, content protection, trade and patents. We protect the things that protect your organization.


Direct Assistance at the State Level
ESA helps organize and promote visits with state and local officials, a tremendous value in keeping the video game industry vibrant and protected in their respective states.  ESA also provides assistance in navigating and applying for state-level tax incentive programs.

Policy and Legal Analysis
Members both gain access to, and help shape the agenda of, our various policy and legal committees. The committees provide advice and guidance in an anti-trust friendly environment that facilitates cooperation on industry-wide issues. In addition, our legal policy experts are continually focused on the various laws and regulations than can help (or harm) the game industry.

Video Game Voters Network and Public Outreach
ESA’s Video Game Voters Network is a 1 million + strong group of dedicated gamers ready and willing to defend video games from unfair legislation, regulation, or political attacks. Membership in ESA supports the VGVN, and ESA members can also work directly with VGVN on specific campaigns.

Charitable Giving
Help support and grow the ESA Foundation, the ESA’s charitable organization that provides scholarships for girls and minorities studying video-game related subjects in university. The ESA Foundation’s grant program is tailored towards helping children through the power of games.
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