Behind-the-Scenes of Take-Two Interactive’s NBA 2K23: Authenticity & Community

  • 12.01.2022
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Following the September release of Take-Two Interactive’s NBA® 2K23, the Entertainment Software Association’s Amanda Martin spoke with the NBA 2K team about the making of this game and the important work from 2K Foundations to provide resources to help young people excel in life and in the classroom.

2K Vice President of Global Marketing and Strategy Alfie Brody and Vice President of Global Communications Cori Barrett reflected on the nearly 25-year history of the series, its growing esports league and the efforts from 2K Foundations to bring basketball and technology to under-resourced communities.

Brody and Barrett specifically highlighted 2K’s passionate, 30 million-player community and spoke to how the game’s committed fan base has contributed vital feedback, input and ideas to help the game continue to evolve in a way that keeps players excited and engaged. From the perspective of the development team, which includes more than 600 engineers, designers and gameplay experts, the goal is authenticity.

“When you walk into a restaurant and you see a 2K commercial on TV, you can’t tell the difference,” Brody said. “You think it’s an NBA game. That is the ultimate objective.”

The collaboration with the NBA and its players – both in game development and the growing esports league around NBA 2K – contributes to that authenticity. Check out the full conversation to learn how the annual cover star is selected and how the development team emulates in-game commentary and individual player movements on the court, as well as how NBA players feel about their 2K ratings.

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