Leading Technologies

Using innovative technologies to foster safe gaming experiences for players.

Trust and Safety Solutions

The video game industry is at the forefront of inventing innovative technologies to create unique, engaging gameplay experiences and to expand what is possible in entertainment. But the industry isn’t just investing in technology for fun, it is also creating and using cutting-edge technologies with a goal of fostering positive, safe and inclusive online experiences for all players. These technologies are often enabled in the background of gaming environments, working to prevent harm before it happens. They allow the industry to proactively address inappropriate content and conduct without having to rely on players to report incidents. These technologies can work hand-in-hand with skilled human moderators who help monitor many gaming environments.

Communication-Filtering Technology can take many different forms, but the common purpose of this technology is to prevent harm before it happens by detecting inappropriate content and preventing other players from seeing it. All three console makers implement filters across game, social and/or account set-up experiences. Learn how Sony Interactive Entertainment uses communication-filtering technology.

Image-Hashing Technology helps combat child exploitation by creating digital signatures of known images of child exploitation, which are then used with filtering or matching tools to identify and detect such images on online platforms. The video game industry works with the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC) and law enforcement to ensure these images are properly investigated. Learn how Microsoft uses image-hashtag technology.

Anti-Grooming Technology uses machine-learning technologies to detect, address and report online predators who attempt to lure other players. Learn how Microsoft uses anti-grooming technology.

Other Technologies for Addressing Inappropriate Behavior include technologies that identify and prevent inappropriate content and conduct and technologies that provide players with options for how they engage with one another. Learn how Electronic Arts uses other technologies to address inappropriate behavior.

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