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We support policies that protect creative works, promote innovation, and expand the dynamic marketplace for the video game industry.

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  • DMCA Section 1201 Rulemaking: ESA Opposition to MADE’s Exemption Request

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    ESA and its member companies are committed to, and actively support, serious professional efforts to preserve video games and recognize the industry’s creative contributions under circumstances that do not jeopardize game companies’ rights under copyright law.

  • ESA Applauds US Trade Representative’s 2017 List of Notorious Markets

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    The Entertainment Software Association (ESA), which represents the US video game industry, commended today’s release of the 2017 Special 301 Out-of-Cycle Review of Notorious Markets by US Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer.

  • Comments on the Global Digital Trade Study

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    This 2017 submission covers the state of the video game industry in the US, the state of the video game industry in key foreign markets, and the challenges to full and true market access for video game companies.

  • DMCA Section 1201 Study: ESA Reply Comments

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    The video game industry is pursuing many initiatives to improve game play accessibility, and communities of gamers are working to assist disabled persons to enjoy video games as well.

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