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We support policies that protect creative works, promote innovation, and expand the dynamic marketplace for the video game industry.

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  • Becker College: Opportunities in the Growing Video Game Industry

    Speeches & Testimony /

    On March 8, 2016, ESA President and CEO Mike Gallagher delivered remarks about the state of the video game industry – where it has been, how it has evolved, where it's heading, and how everyone can get involved at Becker College.

  • Leveling Up in the Big Game

    Speeches & Testimony /

    During the 2016 DICE Summit, ESA President and CEO Mike Gallagher delivered a presentation on the evolution of the industry, emphasizing its growth and cultural impact and thanking the video game community for its ongoing support.

  • DICE Forum

    Speeches & Testimony /

    At DICE, ESA President and CEO Mike Gallagher discussed the impact organizations are having on conversations related to the video game industry across our economy and society. Click here to read his remarks.

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