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  • ESA Celebrates New CEO Stanley Pierre-Louis

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    Yesterday, friends and colleagues from across the District joined us in celebrating Stanley Pierre-Louis, the new President and CEO of the Entertainment Software Association. Members of Congress in attendance included Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), Senator Todd Young (R-IN), Rep. Hakeem Jeffries (D-NY), and more.

  • Bringing Esports to Capitol Hill

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    On Wednesday, July 10, ESA hosted an esports event on Capitol Hill in conjunction with Future Forum.

  • #NationalVideoGameDay: Meet The Creators Of Some Of Your Favorite Video Games

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    At its core, the video game industry is centered around vibrantly creative people, who often can be overshadowed by their creations. Learn more about the creative minds behind Total War, Final Fantasy XIV, Kingdom Hearts, Call of Duty, Guitar Hero, and more.

  • Video Games & Tech: Moving Beyond Their Entertainment Roots

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    Video games moved beyond their roots as pure entertainment vehicles long ago. Today, several other industries have adopted core video game technology and adapted it to their own needs. In many cases, that's a game-like training device. In others, it's using the graphical advances game developers have pioneered in…

  • Family Game Night with ESRB Senior Vice President Bill Garrity

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    Learn more about why ESRB Senior Vice President Bill Garrity loves family game nights. "Playing together is quality time, full stop. We’re talking. We’re encouraging each other at times and competing at others. I’m sure I’ll miss it when they move out."

  • E3 2019 Highlights – Go Behind the Scenes at the World’s Premier Computer and Video Game Conference

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    Approximately 66,100 people attended the 2019 E3 Expo, which offered exclusive sneak peeks at upcoming game titles, celebrity appearances, and "breathtaking" moments.

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