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  • Video Games in Your Community: Spotlight on Georgia

    Lucas Bailey is the assistant director of one of the nation's top ranked esports programs. And he's on the ground floor of one of the fastest growing collegiate activities in the country.A lifelong gamer with a background in game development and entrepreneurship, he was brought on as a consultant…

  • Video Games In Your Community: Spotlight on Washington

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    Bonnie Ross didn't grow up playing Atari or Nintendo or Sega or PlayStation. A Mattel handheld game of football was about as immersed as she got. Today, though, she's in charge of one of the video game industry's biggest franchises.

  • Video Games In Your Community: Spotlight on Hawaii

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    Maya Rogers is in charge of the family legacy. As CEO and president of Blue Planet Software, she heads the company that's responsible for safeguarding and managing all aspects of the classic game Tetris. From her office in Oahu, Hawaii, Rogers oversees everything from merchandising to promotional opportunities to…

  • Video Games In Your Community: Spotlight on California

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    There aren't many game makers with a track record as impressive as Ted Price. For 25 years, Insomniac Games, the company he founded and where he still serves as CEO and president, has consistently been creating hit titles that have burrowed into the hearts and minds of players. Together,…

  • Essential Facts About Diversity In the Video Game Industry

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    As one of the most dynamic sectors of the tech industry, video game companies prioritize fostering greater workforce diversity. ESA members are leaders in adopting and enforcing anti-discrimination and harassment policies in the workplace. In addition, the ESA Foundation, our industry's philanthropic arm, has awarded more than $700,000 in…

  • Student Attitudes to Games-Based Skills Development: Learning from Video Games in Higher Education

    Academic Research /

    This study explores ways commercial video games may be used to develop useful skills and competencies in undergraduate students. An examination of student attitudes revealed a broadly positive perception of games' efficacy for skills development.

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