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  • E3 2019 Highlights – Go Behind the Scenes at the World’s Premier Computer and Video Game Conference

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    Approximately 66,100 people attended the 2019 E3 Expo, which offered exclusive sneak peeks at upcoming game titles, celebrity appearances, and "breathtaking" moments.

  • Video Games in Your Community: Spotlight on Georgia

    Lucas Bailey is the assistant director of one of the nation's top ranked esports programs. And he's on the ground floor of one of the fastest growing collegiate activities in the country.A lifelong gamer with a background in game development and entrepreneurship, he was brought on as a consultant…

  • Are Video Games The Key To Learning?

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    The students at Drayton Hall Elementary in Charleston, SC generally start each morning a bit differently than many other schools. After attendance and the Pledge of Allegiance, they pull out their iPads and get to work. And sometimes that schoolwork might appear to be less about memorizing facts and…

  • Parental Priorities: 3 Surprising Benefits of Video Games

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    It’s no secret that mainstream news media has a knee-jerk tendency to focus on the negative rather than the positive, and it’s no different when it comes to their reporting on video games. As a result, many parents are simply unaware of the variety of potential benefits their child…

  • Hidden Health Benefits of Video Games

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    Your mother may have warned you that playing too many video games would ruin your eyes. Mathieu Ferland would beg to differ. In fact, he says, it just might make them stronger.

  • Video Games In Your Community: Spotlight on Washington

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    Bonnie Ross didn't grow up playing Atari or Nintendo or Sega or PlayStation. A Mattel handheld game of football was about as immersed as she got. Today, though, she's in charge of one of the video game industry's biggest franchises.

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