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  • #NationalVideoGamesDay 2019

    Perspectives /

    In celebration of Video Games Day 2019, here’s 24 fun facts about our industry that might surprise you:#1. Video game history goes back as far as the 1950s, when computer scientists started designing simple games and simulations for fun.#2. Video games didn’t become popular with the mainstream until the…

  • VR, AR, and MR: How XR Technology is Shaping the Future

    Perspectives /

    Unlike hovercrafts, holograms, and humanoid robots, extended reality (XR) is no longer just a futuristic fantasy. XR technology today is a part of our daily lives—a widespread and accessible technology with limitless applications and potential.What is XR?XR is a catch-all category for all real-and-virtual combined environments generated by computer…

  • #G4C2019: Video Games Can Change the World

    ESA Research /

    This past June, the Entertainment Software Association sponsored and participated in the sixteenth annual Games for Change Festival in New York City. The gathering featured developers, creators, researchers, technologists, educators, policy makers, non-profits, and more. Together, participants and speakers explored how to leverage video games for social good.While at…

  • Listen: ESA President & CEO Stanley Pierre-Louis Talks Games on NPR’s 1A Podcast

    Podcasts /

    On Tuesday, July 16, ESA President & CEO Stanley Pierre-Louis spoke on NPR's 1A podcast about video game upgrades, add-ons, and in-game purchases.

  • #NationalVideoGameDay: Meet The Creators Of Some Of Your Favorite Video Games

    Perspectives /

    At its core, the video game industry is centered around vibrantly creative people, who often can be overshadowed by their creations. Learn more about the creative minds behind Total War, Final Fantasy XIV, Kingdom Hearts, Call of Duty, Guitar Hero, and more.

  • Video Games & Tech: Moving Beyond Their Entertainment Roots

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    Video games moved beyond their roots as pure entertainment vehicles long ago. Today, several other industries have adopted core video game technology and adapted it to their own needs. In many cases, that's a game-like training device. In others, it's using the graphical advances game developers have pioneered in…

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