Content Protection

ESA’s content protection initiatives are focused on reducing the infringement of entertainment software worldwide, which is estimated to cost the U.S. entertainment software industry millions of dollars every year. To protect its members’ innovative and creative products and services, ESA removes infringing files from websites and other online distribution platforms, offers training and support to prosecutors and investigators who enforce intellectual property (IP) laws and educates consumers about the differences between legitimate games and illegal copies. ESA members actively participate in shaping the industry’s content protection priorities and ensure that available resources are allocated in a manner consistent with those priorities. ESA uses information derived from its enforcement activities to help its members understand how their products are being infringed and to assist lawmakers and other government officials from the U.S. and abroad in their efforts to better understand how infringement impacts our industry and the enforcement challenges that we face on a daily basis.

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For more information about U.S. law enforcement efforts to address IP infringement, visit the National Intellectual Property Rights Coordination Center’s website.