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Entertainment Software Association Files Motion to Intervene in Support of Net Neutrality

WASHINGTON — APRIL 4, 2018 — The Entertainment Software Association (ESA), which represents the US video game industry, today filed a motion with the U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit seeking to participate in a lawsuit challenging the Federal Communication Commission’s repeal of Net Neutrality protections. In response to the filing with the court, Stan Pierre-Louis, ESA’s senior vice president and general counsel, stated:

“The internet drives innovation, fuels our 21st century economy, and helps create the jobs of tomorrow—especially for the connected world of interactive entertainment. Consumers deserve rules of the road that prevent blocking, throttling, and other restrictive conduct – and enable the great online experiences that bring meaning and value to all parts of our country. ESA will make that case in the months ahead on behalf of America’s gamers and game makers.”

To read ESA’s motion, please visit: 

About ESA
ESA offers a wide range of services to interactive entertainment software companies, including conducting business and consumer research; providing legal and policy analysis and advocacy on First Amendment, intellectual property, and technology/e-commerce issues; managing a global content protection program; owning and operating E3; and representing video game industry interests in federal and state government relations. For more information, visit ESA’s website or follow ESA on Twitter @theESA or @ESAGovAffairs.


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